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Tracking adults with Alzheimers | News

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Tracking adults with Alzheimers

ATLANTA -- "Mattie's Call" is an alert system for missing disabled or elderly persons. In a recent 24 hour period, two alerts were put out by Clayton County Police and Marietta Police. It seems at times that law enforcement agencies are alerting news agencies like 11 Alive News almost on a daily basis.

The Atlanta Police Department has a program called "Project Lifesaver" that is limiting some of those alerts. The program is provided to Alzheimer's patients in the city who have a tendency to wander off.

For no cost, families of Alzheimer's patients can get a transmitter for the patient to wear. It's worn on the wrist and weighs less than a wristwatch.

When police are notified when an Alzheimer's patient wanders off officers can track the wrist transmitter with a radio receiver. If the patient is within a mile radius, the receiver will pick them up.

Lt. Paul Guerrucci said patients are typically found with a half hour to an hour. He said a Mattie's Call alert isn't put out until an elderly or disabled person is missing four hours. "If we're notified quickly, then we respond quickly and we find the person relatively soon so the Mattie's Call is not necessary," he said.

Project Lifesaver is used by eleven north Georgia law enforcement agencies including Atlanta Police, Fayette County Sheriff Office, Douglasville Police, Cherokee County Sheriff Office, Coweta County Sheriff Office, Spalding County Sheriff Office, Carroll County Sheriff Office, Flowery Branch Police, Pike County Sheriff Office, Hall County Sheriff Office and Hogansville Police.

If your law enforcement agency doesn't have Project Lifesaver and you would like to see them offer it, email Kevin Rowson at krowson@11alive.com and we'll forward your concerns to your police agency.