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Join Councilman Hall for the Groundbreaking of a 4 Acre Urban Farm in O4W

Join Councilman Hall for the Groundbreaking of a 4 Acre Urban Farm in O4W

Atlanta, GA--  City dwellers will soon be able to receive all the trappings of the country life with the addition of a new 4 acre urban garden.  The site will be called The Truly Living Well Wheat Street Garden and Mayor Reed and others will breakground on Sunday 12/5 at 2pm. 

The site came into fruition via an agreement with the Wheat Street Baptist Church to lease the 4 acres in the historic Old 4th Ward.  The site is to serve as not only a working/profitable farm but also a learning center to help educate the surrounding community about healthy eating.

The site, which used to be a housing project, will now grow vegetables in regenerated soil, raised beds, greenhouses and hoop houses.

The work is being funded by generous investment from the Arthur M.Blank Foundation and the Environmental Protection Agency. 


The Reynoldstown area Leads the Future of Home Building with its 12/6 Ribbon Cutting of a Model home

The Reynoldstown area Leads the Future of Home Building with its 12/6 Ribbon Cutting of a Model home

Atlanta, GA--  – Federal, state and local officials will join Atlanta business and civic leaders at 83 Kenyon Street in Historic Reynoldstown to dedicate the model home for the new Essential Housing® Collection at 10:30 a.m. on Monday, Dec. 6.

Essential Housing® embodies the six principles: 1) provide more transportation choices; 2) promote equitable, affordable housing; 3) enhance economic competitiveness; 4) support existing communities; 5) coordinate policies and leverage investment, and 6) add value to communities and neighborhoods.

The home, which is on target for LEED certification, will be dedicated at the ribbon-cutting as the model home for Legacy Pointe, a community of 12 homes from the Essential Housing® Collection along with a community space.

MOSAIC Group Wins Remodeling Awards

Atlanta-based MOSAIC Group [Architects and Remodelers] won two Contractor of the Year (CotY) Awards in a recent competition sponsored by the Atlanta Chapter of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry. The categories were Residential Kitchen ($80,001-$120,000) and Residential Exterior Specialty. William Fadul and Rick Goldstein are the company owners.

An impartial panel of judges, who are experts within the industry and associated fields, selected winners based on each entrant’s “before and after” photography and project description. Judging was based on problem solving, functionality, aesthetics, craftsmanship, innovation, degree of difficulty and entry presentation.

MOSAIC Group [Architects and Remodelers] is a design/build firm with indoor and outdoor living divisions.

Tips on Selecting a Qualified Home Remodeler

You've thought your remodeling project through from start to finish. You have determined what you want to achieve, have a realistic budget, and know when the job needs to be completed. Finding a qualified remodeling company to do the work is an equally important step.

We've all heard horror stories about remodeling projects gone bad. Here are 10 tips to help you select a qualified remodeling contractor.

Loan Modification Could be Good, but Short Sale is Better says 1 Expert

Atlanta, GA--  As more and more Atlanta homeowners find themselves in financial distress and are forced to make tough decisions regarding their homes and specifically their dropping values and ballooning mortgage payments, we turned to a housing expert to help us navigate this complex situation.

Marian Anthony is a real estate finance expert and author of Short Sale RUSH- A How To Guide for Nonperforming Assets.  According to Marian, a Short Sale is more advantageous than a Loan Modification or a Foreclosure because "the reduced payoff in a short sale releases you from the debt obligation." He states that a foreclosure will ruin the homeowner's credit, and "a loan modification actually builds a debt trap around the borrower, milking them for every last nickel."

With so much information and marketing dollars being spent on homeowners getting into Loan Modification programs which may keep you bogged in debt for years, take Marian's su