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Georgia Beef | From Pasture to Plate

Georgia Beef | From Pasture to Plate


Even if you live in a skyscraper in Buckhead or Midtown Atlanta, you don’t have to go very far to find a rural vibe since nothing says “country” like standing face-to-face with a cow. And cattle can be found in all 159 counties in Georgia. According to the USDA, Georgia is the nation’s 28th largest producer of cattle and calves with 1.02 million head. The beef industry contributes $3 billion to Georgia’s economy each year.

Of course every hamburger- and steak-loving American understands the need to raise cattle. But if you live in Atlanta, purchasing beef that was raised in Georgia requires reading labels. It is available, but not necessarily every plastic-wrapped package at your grocer has been sourced locally.

Among the options available to anyone who is interested in purchasing Georgia grown beef:

Millions of dollars in limbo for Fulton homeowners

ATLANTA -- The Fulton County Sheriff has millions of dollars in a special fund and some of it may belong to you.

Each month, county officials and the banks auction foreclosed homes as well as hold tax lien sales on the courthouse steps.

When it comes to tax lien sales, homeowners should take a deep breath and another look before they walk away from the sales. They could be entitled to lots of money.

It's in the hands of the Fulton County Sheriff.

It starts with the sale of the tax lien, in which buyers often pay more than the lien itself in order to get it. Any money left over after the tax lien purchaser gets his money back, together with a 20 percent commission, goes into a Fund administered by the Sheriff.

That fund now totals $9.9 million.

Much of that money could belong to homeowners who have never claimed it.

WILDERNESS JOURNEY'S ~ Free 1 Hour Webcast

WILDERNESS JOURNEY'S ~ Free 1 Hour Webcast



Secure your “virtual” seat for an Introduction to a 12-Week "Think Tank" Group for Women who are ready to empower themselves toward achieving something MORE. 

This FREE 1 hour webcast will provide you with an opportunity to be a part of this 12 week web group (to begin in February) that meets bi-weekly through the magic of "web-conferencing" to establish and discuss progress on personal and business goals.

Sunday, January 15, 2012 – 8:00 – 9:00 p.m.

Relationship Expert and Bestselling Author debuts Radio Show in Metro Atlanta

Relationship Expert and Bestselling Author debuts Radio Show in Metro Atlanta

In a world where casual hook ups, quickie divorces and open relationships are wreaking havoc on marriages, bestselling author, minister and radio show host, Kenny Pugh and The Chat Kafe Show, is a breath of fresh air and hope for those seeking advice and counsel on how to create relationships and marriages that will stand the test of time.

Trend suggests 'pay TV' may be dying

ATLANTA -- It still thrives across America. But cable TV died in Steve Bransford's Inman Park home this summer. He and his family killed it.

"We had Comcast forever.  I mean ten years," Bransford said. "And this summer we cancelled our cable."

But the Bransfords still watch plenty of TV. He attached an Apple mini-computer to pick up and DVR over-the-air broadcast TV.

"The quality of over the air broadcast is superior to Comcast because the Comcast (high definition) signal is so heavily compressed," said Bransford, an Educational Analyst for Video at Emory University. "Whereas, the over-the-air signal is pristine."

Bransford also has Apple TV and Google TV, plus a box called a Roku. Add Hulu and Netflix, and it all delivers a melange of TV programming that nearly mimics the family's long-gone cable package, while saving nearly $100 a month.

'Mega Monday' expected to set records for shopping, returns

ATLANTA -- It's the biggest gift return day of the season, and experts predict "Mega Monday" could be as big as Cyber Monday or Black Friday.

Retailers slashed prices to entice customers already heading to stores to exchange gifts and hunt for after-Christmas bargains.

"Thirty-five percent more people will be returning this year, than last year," said Janice Lieberman, Consumer Correspondent for the Today Show. "For every dollar spent during the holiday, almost ten cents of it is returned." 

Some store make returns much easier than others. 

Sears may be the number one easy return store because they not only readily accept returns, but they extended their return window to 120 days through this holiday season.

Practicing What They Preach: Turner Construction Atlanta Achieves LEED Gold Certification for Their

Practicing What They Preach: Turner Construction Atlanta Achieves LEED Gold Certification for Their

Company’s commitment to green construction
practices starts with their own offices

Turner Construction Atlanta, a leader in environmentally friendly building practices, recently received a Gold LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification from the United States Green Building Council for renovation of their own Atlanta offices. Turner is Atlanta’s largest LEED builder and incorporates sustainable elements into every project.

For Winston Williams, the company’s Green Champion, the space is a demonstration of Turner’s real commitment to sustainability. “Green building practices are an important movement in construction today,” he says. “We embrace those values not only for our clients, but for ourselves as well.”

Green features of the space include: