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Photo Gallery | 7 Atlanta graffiti vandals arrested

ATLANTA -- The Atlanta Police Department has arrested seven men responsible for more than 800 acts of graffiti vandalism throughout the city.

The 29 arrest warrants were the result of several months of investigative work from Officer Ari Bleifeld with the Mayor's Graffiti Task Force.

"The arrests of these individuals constitute a major feat in graffiti abatement and a great milestone for the Graffiti Task Force," George Dusenbury, head of the Atlanta Graffiti Task Force, said in a statement.

Atlanta Police officers seized evidence, including spray paint cans and photos of the vandals' "tags," while executing three of the warrants. They plan to continue to arrest and prosecute anyone who vandalizes public or private property with graffiti.

"Left unchecked, graffiti can bring down a community and give people the impression that its residents simply don't care," Atlanta Police Chief George Turner said in a statement. "Our pursuit of these lawbreakers is proof that the city of Atlanta does care."

To report graffiti in Atlanta, call 404-546-4288.