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The Great Migration of the 21st Century | People

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The Great Migration of the 21st Century
The Great Migration of the 21st Century.


Listen in as we interview Naimah Fuller this coming Tuesday at 6:30PM Est on our online radio show. Click Here to listen or call into 760-683-2655. 

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NAIMAH FULLER is the award winning producer/director of the ground breaking documentary project HOME: THE DOCUMENTARY MOVIE the first film about the south since the Civil Rights Movement. Fuller wore several hats in the process of creating this incredible project, including producer/director/writer/cinematographer. As the project nears completion, Naimah has taken a seat in the editor's chair. Four years in the making, the film connects the historical dots between the current mass migration of African Americans relocating to the "new south" to the era of the twentieth century now known as the GREAT MIGRATION when six million black folks migrated to the west and to the north. Fuller's project looks at how the new south is attracting a whole new generation of young African Americans who are the descendants of parents and grandparents who fled the terror of the Jim Crow south. They are leaving cities such as Los Angeles, Oakland, St. Louis, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, New York, to relocate to Atlanta, Miami, Charlotte, Houston, and other southern cities. The poignant question the documentary begs: Are blacks relocating to the south as a consequence of an insidious urban renewal policy called "gentrification", or is it the manifestation of a shared ethos, a spiritual calling to return home to their southern roots? The project examines these and other "push pull" factors behind this mass movement. With principle photography completed, the producer is currently in the post production phase and is researching distribution options. 

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