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Dismissed North Atlanta High Principal speaks out | People

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Dismissed North Atlanta High Principal speaks out
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Dismissed North Atlanta High Principal speaks out

ATLANTA - A handful of parents greeted the ousted former principal of North Atlanta High with applause Tuesday morning when he showed up Atlanta Public School headquarters.

Mark Mygrant came to file a formal Open Records Request asking about an anonymous teacher's alleged claims of racism against two of his former administrators.

Mygrant believes that's why he was suddenly dismissed last Friday and several administrators transferred, one month before the retired interim principal was to have been replaced anyway.

"I would have gladly put the keys under the mat and rode off into the sunset and I was prepared to do that until I heard that other administrators were taken down by this," he said.

He and his supporters insist the allegations are unfounded and shameful.

"I truly believe that it stems from the very highest up; there might be even board involvement and that it's just political greed gone wild," Mygrant added.

About two dozen angry parents and students held a silent protest at North Atlanta High on Tuesday afternoon.

They accuse the school system of keeping them in the dark about what really happened.

"This is not open; it's not anybody taking accountability for it; it's cowardice in my opinion and it's inappropriate," said parent Millie Dunn.

"I don't feel there is a racial issue, not at this point," said parent Terri Gordon, who is African-American.

"The administrators should (not) have been marched out and made to feel like they've done something criminal," she added.

Nearly four days after the leadership housecleaning, APS Superintendent Erroll Davis is set to meet with upset parents at students at North Atlanta High on Tuesday evening to give his version of what happened.

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