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Reaction to Krog Paint Protest | News

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Reaction to Krog Paint Protest

ATLANTA -- A group of approximately 100 people gathered with spray paint cans and brushes Wednesday night in protest. In less than an hour, they covered every inch of street art that has made the Krog tunnel an iconic piece of Atlanta.

"It's our artwork. They're not allowed to have it. It's ours," one protester declared.

On Thursday the promoter of Krog Masquerade, the focus of that protest, spoke to 11Alive. His masquerade ball is scheduled for Saturday night when the Krog Street tunnel will host up to 2,000 people celebrating the Halloween season, paying $50-$100 a ticket to attend.

"The protest is a way for people to voice their opinion, and we need opinions voiced," Sean O'Keefe said.

He says the paint protest won't stop Saturday's event.


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"A lot of people don't necessarily know the full breath of what it is that we're doing. The thing that I think people don't realize is that the proceeds from the event will be benefiting the Georgia Lawyers for the Arts, which is a nonprofit whose focus and whose drive is to help artists in their time of need," O'Keefe said.

Protesters are posting with the hashtag "KrogIsNotForSale." They have listed a number of concerns about the masquerade. In addition to the use of street art for a paid event, they are questioning traffic and noise levels associated with the event. They also take issue with the closure of Krog tunnel bike lanes on the day of the party. They're asking for more information on the portion of proceeds being donated and want to know more specifics about how the permit for this event was obtained, among other issues.

Supporters of the event have taken to social media, stressing that the Krog Masquerade will go on as scheduled and are asking their online connections to "#MeetMeInTheTunnel." It's possible they will repaint it before Saturday's event.